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WATCH: Generous donors from around the world help Canadian woman paralyzed after her Moderna COVID-19 booster buy a wheelchair-accessible vehicle and receive service dog full-time


Thanks to generous donors from around the world, Kayla Pollock, the Canadian woman who was paralyzed from the neck down after her Moderna COVID-19 booster shot, has now purchased a wheelchair-accessible vehicle and has received her service dog full-time.

Kayla wishes to extend a deep thank you to everyone from around the world who has supported her in her mission to raise funds to obtain her wheelchair-accessible vehicle and her service dog, Storm.

When The Canadian Independent first met Kayla six months ago and interviewed her, we told her that we would continue to support her and make sure she has the ability to live a normal life as much as possible given her circumstances.

Kayla now faces the task of raising approximately $50,000 to hire expert witnesses for her $45 million lawsuit against Moderna related to her vaccine injury. Additionally, Phase 4 of her goal is to raise enough funds to purchase land and build a wheelchair-accessible home in the town where her son lives, allowing her to see him more often.

Kayla wishes to extend a very special thank you to Veterans 4 Freedom, Dr. Drew, Dr. Peter McCullough, Viva Frei, Alex Jones, Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, and so many other individuals, independent media outlets, and podcasters who have really helped her in exposing what happened to her.

Kayla is going to continue speaking out through her foundation, Operation Kayla, to raise awareness about her devastating vaccine injury.

You can read and watch Kayla’s story below.

You can donate to Kayla at the link below.